VIDEO: Irina Dubtsova set a personal record on weight

ВИДЕО: Ирина Дубцова установила личный рекорд по весу
The singer caught 25 pounds of fish.

ВИДЕО: Ирина Дубцова установила личный рекорд по весу

Irina Dubtsova

Photo: Instagram

For many years Irina Dubtsova can’t imagine life without
favorite Hobbies — fishing. The singer is extremely hazardous, angling in
the shore or go fishing on the boat for a reason not only
have a good time, but also a great way to relieve stress and tension.

Parts passion star mother to “wet” the hunt and its
eleven-year-old son Artem. In his company Irina and went fishing in
the near suburbs. The result of the collaborative experience exceeded all expectations for
day Dubtsova caught 25
kilograms of fish.

By the way, going on vacation to warmer climes and being on
the ocean, Irina significant part of his time on the boat to
to catch in the depths of the sea an interesting species of fish and not only.

Irina Dubtsova and son Artem

Photo: Instagram

For example, this year in the Maldives, which are a favorite
resort Dubtsova Irina caught a huge tuna.

“Every day, our family went to sea fishing, it is my long
passion — told the singer. — Catch lucky: we are lucky
not only to catch a huge tuna, which nearly dragged under the water a boat, but
octopus”. In the evening Irina with son and mom fed sharks and rays,
sailing at sunset in the Bay.