Ким Кардашьян похудела на 19 кг и хочет еще

Celebrity wrote in a social network, how much weight would deem acceptable.

After the birth of her second child – son Saint was born 5 December last year – Kim is working tirelessly in order to reset accumulated on the pregnancy pounds. In January, the celebrity boasted in social media that she managed to lose 13 kg, and now the number has increased, or rather decreased a further 6 kg.

But to stop there is not going star. “We still have to lose 8 more pounds!” – she shared with the vast army of their followers on Twitter. The total weight of Kim before she began to lose weight was 86 kg, respectively, its goal is 75 kg.

In the fight against obesity Kim uses the Atkins diet, which limited carbohydrate intake. Given her work: “I focused on the goal, but it’s so damn hard! But I can handle it and will definitely share with you my success,” she wrote on Twitter.

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