Irina Shayk dyed blonde

Ирина Шейк покрасилась в блондинку

The result of the work of a fashion stylist model shared with fans on social networks.

“Who says I can’t be blonde?” — appealed to his fans one of the sexiest women in the world.

Apparently, the Shake was dyed for another fashion photography famous photodata MERT alas and Marcus Pigott. Despite the fashion for naturalness, shade the model turned out very beautiful and natural, and for some photography, as we know, stars and such changes are solved!

However, most commentators agreed that natural, chestnut shade of hair Irina is much better. Well, nothing! All girls need once in your life to experiment with a light shade of hair.

And even though fans are constantly trying to consider Irina has some flaws, the pimples, the dark circles under the eyes, excess weight, we can’t deny the fact that the Shake is perfect!

Yes and in personal life, the stars all wonderful: despite the information in the press that their relationship with Bradley Cooper gave a crack (allegedly Irina not understand the nature of mother Bradley), a pair appeared at a social event under the handle, and their faces were very happy, and their public kissing is clearly hinted in their relationship the fire has not yet subsided.

What color of hair is the Shake more?

  • Ирина Шейк покрасилась в блондинку

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