Ирена Понарошку рассказала, чем лечится на островах

The star continues to share with the audience not only seductive images of warm sand and endless sea, but also practical tips on living abroad.

A few months ago, Irena Ponaroshku together with his family moved to “winter” in Thailand.

“To Thailand! Well, we’re at the cottage! Flight Moscow – Basagoitia,” he told his fans a happy wife and mother.

As usual, the TV presenter often shares with audiences in social networks for its beauty-tips, lifehacks and raising children.

This time Irene showed your first aid kit up on vacation to the Islands, because everyone knows that abroad is often difficult to find the most common aspirin and suprastin.

“Category #Tablelayouts – the promised first aid kit, which, however, has podrastali by the end of the wintering local centenarians. On the Islands of medicines from Russia – the same hard currency as buckwheat. I’m afraid someone our first aid kit will disappoint, as many think, I fly the whole family roots, chutneys and jade eggs.

And in General the way it is! But I still feel better in the fridge are the means of classical medicine. I will not enumerate all, I can make a screen and porazglyadyvat. Get on the main points.

1. Panthenol – from burns (not only solar, who knows what)! Still remember my story about the iron? In Thailand not for sale! Should always be at hand! 2. Homeopathic spray rescue remedy is a sedative that can be used even for pregnant and nursing. I confess, 2-3 times a month me somebody infers that psikey it under the tongue. 3. Forlax – in the same way as rescue remedy, settled down in my purse during pregnancy. Because pregnant women often have problems which makes the drug. And since he is always at hand, as there is nothing worse for the body, including the skin, than full of toxins in the intestines slow digestion.

4. Remedies for herpes (sorry, I’m with heavy artillery, earwax does not believe, with a smashed lip cannot go): Valtrex pills, gel Hectare, cream Viru-Merz and burn with alcohol wipes. 5. Advil is the strongest pain medication the American. Only in the most extreme case!

6. Fenistil – if hell were biting mosquitoes or something. Do not abuse. 7. Lasolvan – cough syrup. 8. Snoop – vasoconstrictor for me, the child does not splash. 9. The thermometer only mercury, only old school! 10. Otipaks – drops in uchet with otitis. 11. Traumeel – from all misfortunes.

12. Nurofen and tsefekon – antipyretic (at the most extreme case: myself personally I didn’t down the pills and candles the temperature is 7 years old, child over 5 years – only 2 times!) The rest looking at yourself, the text no longer fit. Three months of winter we didn’t use 95% of it! And yet the next time I’m taking with me again”, – told in detail about Irena the first aid kit.

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