Kate Gordon has done a nose job

Катя Гордон сделала пластику носа

The TV presenter dared to rhinoplasty to correct crooked after numerous injuries to the bridge of his nose.

“Half my life I think, frankly, to tweak the nose. In childhood was broken… Thinking and afraid at the same time” – some time ago, thought Katya Gordon in his blog.

But further conversations business did not go so far. Although the irregular shape of the nose much more difficult for the presenter to live and work. The last straw was the shooting in the clip “Dance”.

“We actually are unable to insert any frame where I sing in the FAS, only on the right cheek,” admitted Gordon told reporters.

And just last week TV presenter finally had a rhinoplasty in the Art clinic-Plastic.

“My doctor Tigran Aleksanyan wondered how I ever went with such a partition. She was displaced and broken, as the participants of fights without rules, – said Kate in an interview with Super. The doctor I chose over a year: I did not want to I did a pug nose, wanted to preserve their identities”.

To evaluate the work of plastic surgeons fans, Gordon will in the near future. While the glamorous blonde is the rehabilitation after surgery.

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