Kim Kardashian had a fight with her husband in his birthday

Ким Кардашьян поссорилась с мужем в свой день рождения
The party was hopelessly flawed.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


The last time Kim Kardashian not having much luck. And even his own birthday the reality show star
are unable to celebrate the way she wanted. A party to celebrate the 37 anniversary
Kim began planning long before your personal occasion. She booked
room in your favorite restaurant Armenian cuisine in Los Angeles and ordered
a stunning cake. But a little more than a week before her birthday, Kardashian
had to endure the shock which had completely ruined her mood.

area her house in Bel Air to freely pressed attackers. They broke two standing at
machine home and stole everything you could carry. In the house they climb did not — their
scared very late “awakened” by the guards. However, Kim was
shocked, because a year ago she survived an armed robbery in Paris. Now
as stated by Kardashian her husband Kanye West, she’s at home, America cannot feel safe…

Because of this
the incident pre-planned shindig, Kim decided to cancel, and
instead, arrange a quiet “get-togethers” in the same restaurant. But even this
the plan failed to implement. On the way to the restaurant, Kardashian managed to quarrel with her husband. She asked him to take urgent measures to strengthen the protection of their homes
and personally, and he denied his wife, saying that he is not going to invest “a lot
money in this pointless venture”… Cause such a reaction Kanye West has become, all over
likely, the fact that the rapper, who was formerly very rich, has managed
to wallow in debt (in excess of, as he claims, $ 50 million) . And the extra expense for it is now turned into a problem.

Eventually arriving in
the restaurant, the couple was puzzled by other visitors. They did not talk much,
and even avoided looking at each other. Kim and Kanye West revived for a short while,
when he made an impressive birthday cake. However, the restaurant they left in
depressed mood, walking at a considerable distance from each other and lowering