Svetlana Svetikova was struck by the figure after the baby is born

Светлана Светикова поразила фигурой после рождения ребенка
Star mother showed a slender body.

Светлана Светикова поразила фигурой после рождения ребенка

Just a month ago Svetlana Svetikova gave birth to her second son, Christian, but brags to fans of a perfect figure. 33-year-old star of musicals showed followers how to look her body shortly after birth. Svetlana took a few selfies in short top and shorts and told how to regain harmony.

Weight loss secrets Svetikovoy very simple: water and sports. For those who do not have enough time to practice physical activity Svetlana advises to combine pleasant chores associated with the baby, with work on the restoration of the figure. In other words, doing exercise with the baby: for example, is useful in lulling to do squats. Pictures of emaciated Svetlana can not but cause admiration from fans. Its appearance certainly deserves compliments.

By the way, Svetlana recently talked about the fact that her children turned out quite similar to each other in nature. If a four — year Milan- from the very beginning was a very active boy, Christian at a time when I was under my mother’s heart was characterized by a steady temperament.

My weekdays ?? once I wasn’t pleased with the smell of a newborn… And now go away with your mind? periodically thoughts fly away in the music….. In a hurry )

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“Though similar to Melanica in appearance but completely different in nature. Even pregnant, I’ve noticed. Woke up and showered with me. Never woke me up during the night but now wakes up of course. Rarely misbehaved in my stomach all the time and slept or watched. How amazing it is…. Man is born a priori with its own character, temperament!” — surprised Svetikova.