Kim Kardashian decided for a third child

Ким Кардашьян решилась на третьего ребенка
The doctor warned the star of the reality show about the dangers of another pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian with daughter North


Kim Kardashian already gave birth to two children, got a taste of motherhood,
that certainly wants to have another and third. The problem is that health
may not allow her to carry out her wish. And the star applying maximum
effort to find a way out of this situation. This was announced by the Internet site

36 year old
Kim, mom to 3.5 year old daughter North and son of the Saint, which will soon be a year,
admitted recently that desperately wants to become a mother for the third time. But
memories of her two very difficult pregnancies made was Kardashian
to abandon the realization of their cherished wishes. Besides, when she recently
visited the doctor, he strongly opposed the intentions of Kim bear
of the child and to give birth for the third time. The doctor reminded the star of a reality show that
complications, which both times was accompanied by her pregnancy, was cherevaty
the occurrence of fatal bleeding and represented a direct threat to her
life. And if in first two cases, the doctors managed to cope with the situation, no
can’t guarantee her that the third time everything will end happily.

But the doctor is not
limited warnings, he recalled Kim about the existence of alternative
options — that is surrogacy. Kardashian was initially
was excited by the idea, but then suddenly questioned the success of such an undertaking. “And
what if I can’t love a child, nurtured by another woman as much
like North and Senta?” she asked
doctor. In response, he recommended her to mingle with the other patient
which has twice become a mother thanks to the help of a surrogate mother. And she assured
Kim, that loves his two kids. So now Kim is busy selection
suitable candidates for the role of surrogate mother to her third child.