Yulia Baranovskaya fell in love at first sight

Юлия Барановская влюбилась с первого взгляда
The presenter openly talked about their feelings.

Julia Baranovskaya and Maxim Shabalin

Photo: Instagram.com

Yulia Baranovskaya speakers in the show “Ice age” paired with Maxim the other band members, unfortunately, was eliminated from the number of participants that will compete for the main prize. On the occasion of his leaving the TV show she shared her emotions with fans.

“It was love at first sight… And the plane that was to take me on vacation, they left without me. So warm ocean and the sun I no thinking for a second, traded on the ice rink… 3 months training and 3 months in the show. When Ilya Averbukh took me in this project, he said, you are very weak physically (I never in my life had not engaged in sports), you’re not an actress, and that you, too, will be much harder for others, but I’ll take you, because you have character!” — said Julia.

The presenter was very warmly responded about their participation in the project and during the filming of farewell profile even cried with the thought of the imminent parting. “When I’m at the beginning of the project the first time out on the ice, I realized that with my body I was not familiar with. Skates made me again to meet him. Head I immediately knew what to do, — said Julia. — My hands and feet could not find a common language) And away we go… Laughter ,tears, falls, bruises and contusions , quarrels and reconciliation circles in the eyes from fatigue and furious adrenaline on the performance — a little life!”

Baranovskaya admitted that he would miss the performances on the ice, his partner and coach. “It so happened that Maxim and leave this project…. But I’m leaving him with regret and sadness, but with gratitude for these wonderful months on the ice and for this experience!” — she wrote.

Among other things, in his “farewell” profile Baranovskaya said that she often gets what she most enjoys. Alluding to her broken marriage with Andrey Arshavin, Yulia said: “it Seems life is trying me to teach something. Maybe the fact that it is not necessary so much in anything to fall in love…”