Husband Menshovoj afraid to participate in her “Alone with all”

Муж Меньшовой боится участвовать в ее «Наедине со всеми»

According to Igor Gordin, he does not want to reveal in public, family and personal secrets. Moreover, if there is a wife.

Igor Gordin and Yulia Menshova is one of the most beautiful pairs of domestic show business. And although the actors were going through a tough time, and even for some time parted, now they are fine.

– We have two children. Senior – Andrew – studying in School-Studio of MKHAT on a speciality “actor’s art”, the youngest t – school girl. She is 13 years old. No special taboos for the children there. But I can say for sure that we are not spoiling them. Limited pocket money that children are valued earned, – told Woman’s day Igor Gordin.

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The son and daughter of star parents take very seriously. For example, Igor Gordin has two higher educations, the first of which… nuclear physicist.

– I have not worked in this specialty, and getting this education had no effect on the future. In General, if you remember the theatre in my life originated much earlier. Although a good education still does not hurt.

The program “Alone with all”, which is his wife, Julia Menshov, Igor Gennadyevich, of course looks. However, he never wanted to take part in it.

– Come, Julia, and uncover the secrets of family life? Hmm… I’m not very fond of talking about his personal life. Perhaps if she asked, I would refuse. And she’s a good journalist will dig up something I don’t know. Interesting will be the finale of the program, smiled the actor.

Now the actor works a lot in the “Theatre of Nations”. He is currently rehearsing the play “Ivanov” (directed by Timothy kulyabin). The premiere will take place at the end of December. The production will be employed such well-known actors, including Yevgeny Mironov, Chulpan Khamatova, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Victor Verzhbitsky and many others.

In addition, together with the “theatre of Nations” Igor Gordin has toured other cities. The day before he visited Tomsk, where he came on the stage of Drama Theatre with the play “the Gronholm Method” and conducted a master class with students of the College of culture and art, actors and Spectators of the Tomsk drama theatre.