From hate to love: Tarasov humiliated crying Buzova

От ненависти до любви: Тарасов унизил плачущую Бузову

Seems like a beautiful fairy tale really came to an end. The athlete already does not choose expressions when commenting on the actions of his wife.

That the couple, once showing love to the white light, on the verge of divorce, there is no doubt. Olga had gone out with a friend in Spain. But Tarasov – come to grips with the construction of a country house. Moreover, the former family nest Dima now calls “his” and in anticipation of the imminent move.

But that’s not all! Tarasov has ceased to choose expressions, talking about his wife. And let me say that Oli – problems with alcohol.

It all began with the movie, happened to be in the network. In the video, the star of “House-2” being on vacation with someone on the phone and bursts into tears.

Fans immediately remembered that the nerves of the famous blonde pass not for the first time. So a few weeks ago she burst into tears on the set of the program. Here, subscribers, and turned to Tarasov. They say that with Olga.

And he said, choosing words: “Crying? I think she’s just drunk”.

But support Tarasov did not. On the contrary, the subscribers gave the athlete a witch-hunt.

“You can’t talk about the woman with whom he shared a bed”, “What favorite, the drunkard, you better define,” wrote those.

But did not stop. The most zealous defenders Buzova even started a hashtag: “Tarsonemid”.

As to the main culprits of all the hype, it to comment on the situation does not become. And continues to share with followers with pictures from the country “paella and wine.”