Кендалл Дженнер впервые на подиуме после скандала

In new York started fashion week. Came to the capital of famous models and stars, in order to show the outfits and enjoy the new collections of famous brands. Went on the catwalk Natalia Vodianova and Irina Shayk, and with them the new collection was presented by the Kendall Jenner. Previously no one would be surprised by the output of the Jenner, but the recent scandal haunted the public until now.

Кендалл Дженнер впервые на подиуме после скандала

Surprising, because previously Kendall on the podium were not there. She even missed the show of new collection of Marc Jacobs, which she simply could not attend! All thought it does not appear on the podium, but there it was! Riccardo Tisci as the new designer of Burberry, presented a new collection. The long-awaited collection…and then Kendall. She did great, despite the “fame” that she had.

Recall that the jubilee issue of the journal of LOVE promised a lot. List of models who appeared in an erotic photo shoot, joined Kendall Jenner. The appearance of a member of the clan Kardashian-Jenner not so angered the public, as she said in an interview. The journalists decided to discuss with her model career, as well as the hardships of life model. Waited frankness — received. “I was very picky in the work plan. And never was that girl that agreed to do 30 shows for the season or whatever else nonsense some girls do. Good luck to them! I have had a lot of trials, not only the outputs on the podium, but and shooting. Together, these commitments led to the fact that I started to panic and realized that it was time to stop. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown,” he shared his feelings with Kendall.

How such words could not angry? Not every model has a family of celebrities whose name allows the girl to be picky. This was announced by instagram account ShitModelMGMT. In this model raskritikoval. Arrived and the models themselves. Montenegrin model Irina Juranovich said that has never been so humiliated. Croatian model Faretta Jenner called lazy, because of the popularity and big earnings she stiffened as did the other girls without “ready” name. Russian model Daria Strokous wrote: “All these girls are trying to make money and provide for their families. And, by the way, in one season is usually held 70 shows and we were proud to participate in each of them.”

By the way, Kendall apologized: model wrote that perfectly understands the hardships faced every day models in attempts to earn more and feed their families. “I first hand learned what a permanent commitment, work ethic, endlessly long days and sleepless nights, separation from family and friends, the stress of constant moving and loss of physical and mental health. I am inspired by all of the people with whom I was fortunate to work together! I could never hate them! I wish you only victories!”, – said the model.