Как мило: мама дизайнера Burberry плачет после показа

This year fashion week in new York is really impressive. Noted the Burberry brand: Riccardo Tisci is the new designer of the company — changed the logo and showed a new large collection of women’s and men’s clothing. Oh Yes, the collection was memorable and impressed all the guests! But most of all impressed by the Quiet mother, who burst into tears after the show. How cute!

Mom is insanely proud of in his son. He gave her a place in the front row. In an interview with Highsnobiety Silence told me that was the only guy in the family and lost his father early. By the way, in a family of 8 girls. “I have always had a wonderful relationship with my family, but I started very early to work. In 10 years I have worked, because I had to pay for school. It wasn’t a bad job, you know. I helped the florist or doing something to make life easier for mom. When live, grow much faster, because they work with those who are older than you. My peers in 10 years, it was home to watch cartoons, I go to school and to work.”

Recall that the change began with the fact that all the boutiques were covered with new monogram. Go past the shops Burberry now be impossible. But this does not compare with what did the brand in 2017! It became known that the mark burned the unsold goods to a total value of $36 million But the team Burberry promised to do more such will not. The Executive Director of the brand Marco Gobetti also said that they refuse to use real fur – “It’s the key to the long-term success.” September 17 – the new Burberry creative Director Riccardo Tisci will present his debut collection in London!