Как Кайли Дженнер «рекламирует» adidas

Kylie Jenner became the Ambassador of sports brand adidas. By contract she needs to model clothes and shoes of the brand…but there it was. Crafty fans view each photo instagram stars, and noticed a little hitch on the feet of daughter Kylie Stormy.

Kylie shared a photo of his baby girl Stormy. Her little legs were running shoes from Nike. Fans of such a choice, is not happy. “This is how you advertise adidas?”. Well, not everyone.

By the way, with the sports brands Kylie absolutely everything wrong. In 2016, she represented the brand Puma. This choice was clearly ill-considered, because such an act Jenner angered the whole family, and especially husband of Kim Kardashian rapper Kanye West. He cooperated for many years with adidas and considered a treacherous act. The rapper felt that Kylie spoils the reputation of the family and prevents friendship with adidas.

Recall, Kylie Jenner in 2018 — a real boon for the media. It can now be seen on the covers of famous magazines and her personal life — something that interested almost everyone. Glamour magazine decided to invite Kylie to the new release and to interview her. In this model, and the founder of the brand of cosmetics not only beautified in one cover, and appeared on three covers. Discussed in the interview will focus on the complex journey of becoming the youngest female billionaire and a mother.

After Jenner was named the first girl billionaire, the star turned a lot of negativity, both from network and from her starry colleagues. It’s amazing how such a young creature to cope with such responsibilities? And after all on its shoulders a small child who requires the attention of the mother. But Kylie didn’t give up and claims that everything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! “Of course it bothers me, but I learned to deal with it,” says Kylie. There is nothing that would not have been able to survive Jenner. “Everything in life passes.”