Kendall Jenner on anxiety attacks: “enhanced protection has not solved the problem”

Кендалл Дженнер о приступах тревоги: «Усиление охраны не решило проблему»

One of the sisters Kardashian Kendall Jenner summed up the past year, and on the social media page open up with your fans and subscribers about what kind of mood she completed in 2016 and what plans comes into 2017.

A young and ambitious model, a spokeswoman for Estée Lauder, admitted late last year that faced with a serious illness – panic attacks, which nearly destroyed the career of a successful model. Due to the permanent feeling of unease she could not fly, and without Kendall flights are unlikely to be able to hold out for long at the peak of his career, as supermodels, they are here today and tomorrow – on the other side of the globe.
“Anxiety has been a big challenge for me. I had to look for ways to solve problems, and say at once, strengthening the protection not resolved the issue, but now I do. finally know how to deal with this issue,” admitted Jenner.
In August last year, Kendall was under a lot of stress in his own yard it was attacked by unknown. The man got into the yard behind her car, and demanded a conversation with the landlady. Kendall and her younger SIS Kylie was scared stiff, and calling the police, were in the car, waiting for law enforcement officers. The unknown was detained, and the court later did not even see in his actions, nothing dangerous, but the intention to talk in the middle of the night it seemed the judge dangerous to the security model.
“The fact that I was on the cover of Vogue, became for me a great victory. I even imagine this could not.Don’t know what’s in store for me in 2017, but I have big plans. 💪.” — I wrote to Kendall on his page in the social network.