Кирстен Данст снимется в комедии Джорджа Клуни

George Clooney recently rarely appears on the big screen. The name of the actor often can be found in the credits as a producer. Western media have reported that Clooney is taken for the creation of a new project, working title “On Becoming a God in CentralFlorida”< /em>.

In a first for George Clooney’s the series you will learn about a widowed single mother, which is fired from a water Park. Now a woman will find a way out of the situation and in the shortest possible time to find a job to feed his family. The way for it becoming the Founders of American Merchandise — “iconic, multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme”. Note that despite the complicated plot, the series is scheduled in the style of black Comedy.

The main role in Teleostei will be performed by Kirsten dunst. Will we see Clooney in “On Becoming a God in CentralFlorida”, is not specified.