Николь Кидман хочет завести пятого ребенка до своего 50-летия

With varying degrees of regularity in the media appeared the news that the family of Nicole Kidman and Keith urban are not so smooth as it seems at first glance. Journalists claim that good relations in the stellar family is long gone, they say, a few stuck jealousy: Nicole constantly suspects her husband of infidelity and jealous of him to each person who approaches the whale, in turn, is jealous of the incredible success of his wife.

Herself Kidman admitted that urban’s driving her crazy. The musician, who often does not happen at home due to touring, it ignores the actress when she wants to talk to him.

Nicole said that Keith may not pick up the phone for hours when she calls him on the phone. Then the actress has to go to drastic measures and call him without stopping as long as urban is not the answer. Why a musician behaves, is not clear.

Nevertheless, family is still family, and soon it may even increase.

It turns out that 49-year-old Kidman is thinking of being a mom again. To carry out conceived Hollywood star wants for his 50th birthday. How Kidman wants to add to their family is not autocreate – whether that’s the natural way, adoption, or surrogacy.

Recall that Kidman already has two adopted children from her marriage with Tom cruise and two daughters of current husband Keith urban. And for the birth of the second daughter spouses had to use the services of a surrogate mother.