Линдси Лохан удалила все посты из Инстаграма

While fans of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan thought, wondering what happened with the artist that she decided to delete all the posts with his page in the social network, her representative has commented on the decision of the scandalous American woman and has called his decision “to start the upgrade period”.

“Lohan is undergoing updates and busy with positive changes in my life” — reads the statement of the representative. What kind of updates are the representative is not told, but the thirty years of celebrity, also expressed his desire to start a new Chapter in my life, as told journalists the Us magazine in a recent interview.
So, Lohan suddenly opened his poetry and even wrote a poem about the terrorist group ISIL.
“I realized that I was in bed and still alive/ So what does this mean?/I just go to sleep and close the Windows/ day by day/ I can’t help, but I want to cope with all these empty thoughts LIH/ because we need to win it/ or live in fear and guilt/ We shot before, now they shoot” writes the latter-day poet Lindsay Lohan. Well, in the poetic coterie it was not.