Кейт Мосс ответила на письмо поклонницы спустя 23 года

In 1994, the supermodel Kate moss was one of the most popular models in the world. By modern standards, its popularity was akin to the popularity of Gigi Hadid. Not surprisingly, to communicate with moss sought thousands of fans around the world. They stopped Kate’s letters where he confessed his love to her, admired her, and asked for an autograph, etc. did fit the letters of his fans is unknown, but in one of them, which she won 23 years ago, she said. And I told everyone.

On his page in Instagram 42-year-old moss has published a photo of a letter that she received over two decades ago. Sent it to her a girl named Fiona.

“I always wanted to be a model or hairdresser — I wrote to Fiona — but I bet on the latter, because too short and too fond of fast food. In General, who knows, maybe after a few years, I’ll do your hair and paint before going on the podium. By the way, are you really going out with johnny Depp? If so, send me please your and his autograph, or at least sharing a photo in a reply letter!”

“Look what I found! Fiona, I’m sending you a signed book Kate Moss Book. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting”, — said in comments to the post.

Does Princess Fiona that her letter was read and soon she gets the answer unknown. Waiting for the continuation of the story.