Хью Джекман передумал прощаться с Росомахой

The role of Wolverine Hugh Jackman has devoted 16 years and this year everything has to end, when on large screens will be a spin-off of “X-Men” — “Logan”.

Jackman has repeatedly said that his participation in the famous franchise has ceased to be as spectacular and unusual, because it’s time to leave. But just to leave the ranks of the mutants Hugh can’t, and all because of Ryan Reynolds. The star of “Deadpool” insists that Jackman once tried claws.

In an interview with Variety, Hugh Jackman has admitted that he is considering filming a movie about Dadula and Wolverine: “I hesitate, because I see that this would be the perfect combination. But maybe the time is not right”.

Yet Hugh thinks Ryan is going through about everything he did in order to interest a colleague a new project: “I don’t know if I can get him to change his mind. It’s all in the audience: I would like to have the audience inspired Hugh to come back for one movie.”

Hopefully, Jackman will still be seduced, and together with Reynolds, they’ll drop really worthwhile movie.

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