Alexander Panajotova tipped the participation in “Eurovision”

Александру Панайотову прочат участие в «Евровидении» The singer can go from Russia at the international song contest, which will take place in Kiev. Rumors went about that on the sidelines of the festival, Grigory Leps, which was held yesterday in Sochi. Representatives of the First channel and the Panayotov while abstain from comments.

      One of the main intrigues of 2017 is, who will go from Russia on “the Eurovision”. While the whole country is waiting for the international song contest, appear online early guesses on this topic. Rumors that the 32-year-old Alexander Panayotov will represent the country in Kyiv, went a long time. However, after the festival, Grigory Leps “Christmas at Rosa Khutor” they started to circulate with renewed vigor. The fact that one of the most charismatic participants of the fifth season of the show “the Voice” became a headliner of the event, along with Grigory Leps, Polina Gagarina, Vera Brezhneva, Nyusha, Emin Agalarov and other stars of show business. On the sidelines of vengeance was rumored that Alexander is the most likely candidate from Russia at “Eurovision”.

      Alexander Panayotov criticized the final results show of “the Voice”

      He Panayotov, whom many had expected to win in the popular TV show, has so far refrained from comment on the matter. The representatives of the channel also hold member information in strict confidence. Apparently, the name of the artist who will perform in Kiev from Russia, will be known very soon, because the first semi-final of the competition will be held in may.

      Recall that in 2016 on “Eurovision” went to Sergey Lazarev. The song he wrote for the Philip Kirkorov and Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos. The track “You Are the Only One” in a short time has become one of the most discussed in the Network. Internet users were delighted from the talent Lazarev, brilliantly performed incendiary composition. Despite the fact that many were confident in the victory of the artist in the contest he took third place. The winner of “Eurovision”, held in Stockholm, was the Ukrainian singer Jamala. The top 3 also included Demi Im from Australia.

      In 2017, the popular song contest held in Kiev, on the territory of International exhibition centre. Note that the capital of Ukraine has the experience of holding such large-scale events: in 2005, there was held the anniversary “Eurovision”, which became the 50th in a row, and the year before won the prestigious Eurovision song contest became the artist Ruslana, speaking in Turkey with the song “Wild Dances”.

      We will remind that Alexander Panayotov woke up famous after participating in the program “people’s artist”, in the final, where he was recognized as one of the best. In 2006 the artist released a debut album “Lady of rain”. Further Panayotov for some time as if dropped out of sight of the public, and many viewers had forgotten about it. However, in 2016, Alexander triumphally returned on screens, placing it among the favorites of the show “the Voice.” At the end of the project he became the second, losing first place 20-year-old artist Daria Antonyuk. The winner of “the Voice” Daria Antonyuk: “I know, why am I so negative!”