Беременна Сиара отозвала иск на $15 млн, боясь потерять сына

Singer Ciara is now in an interesting position. As you know, in this special time in a woman it is not recommended to nervous, go through a lot of emotional turmoil. From them, the singer decided to protect themselves and withdrew the claim for $ 15 million, which she has recently sued the father of her only son Fuca.

The claim on ex-Beau Ciara filed in connection with the permanent threats that rapper Future told her the new darling Russell Wilson.

According to the artist, the rapper repeatedly unflattering comments about the athlete allowed himself to insults and curses. According to Ciara, this behavior deserves punishment, because in Future she has decided not to charge as much as $ 15 million. By the way, criticism itself is Ciara. The rapper often called her a bad mother. So why the singer decided to stop lawsuits?

This unexpected turn of events associated with counter-claims from Future, which was sued by ex-lover for libel, and threatened to deprive her of maternal rights.

Ciara’s lawyers said that they were able to come to terms and settled the matter with the education of his son. Ciara allowed the rapper to meet with the child.