Крису Брауну навсегда запретили вход в один из фитнесс-клубов Лос-Анджелеса

Infamous American rapper Chris brown will never be able to visit the Los Angeles fitness club Lifetime Fitness Center after he got nasty and got into a fight with his Manager.

It is reported that the incident that led to life ban took place on 6 January. Brown and his friends began to behave too noisy and ugly, being engaged in one of the halls. Allegedly, they began to behave aggressively, and the other patrons complained to the Manager but when the Manager came up to Chris and asked to behave in a more polite, it is only heard cursing in your address and spit in his direction. Word for word, a fight broke out and the Manager even got a bit of brute force brown.
TMZ reports that Chris is now banned from not only the gym but every gym network, and hundreds of them in all States.
Chris brown has long been known for his tough-minded and rude behavior. He fought with his colleagues, he beat his beloved Rihanna, now and at all caused on the Boxing match his colleague rapper Soulja Boy. To train the latter will be Floyd Maurer Jr., and preparation brown, he’ll do Mike Tyson.