Анатасию Волочкову приняли за трансвестита

Famous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is proud of her figure and every case demonstrates it. From Moscow Morozov dancer ran closer to the sun – to the Maldives, where basking in the warm waves. Daily Anastasia shares with subscribers his microblog photos of your stay at the resort. Standard twine, which has already become a tradition, made in a posh hotel room, pictures on the boat and in the Jacuzzi – relax by Volochkova, apparently, was a success. However, not everyone was thrilled with it, and the figure of Anastasia, who little relished.

“What kind of Jock?”, “If not for the head, you might think that this is a body-Builder type of Tarzan”, “Transvestite” — write in the comments detractors.
The artist perceives such attacks from spiteful critics as jealousy and not paying any attention to them.
“I have nothing to hide – I have a good figure, chest – his own, see and envy. I’m tired of that only I appear on the beach like watched lenses, but because the papers say, supposedly I made a Striptease on the beach” — said Anastasia.