Келли Осборн боится премии Эмми

Келли Осборн боится премии Эмми

Sep 22 Kelly Osbourne prepares for his performance on the show’s Emmy Awards on FOX. Ahead of the show she shared what is happening in her mind before the big moment.

Kelly Osbourne, 34, is going to be the center of attention when she returns to the stage this year to perform on the show’s Emmy Awards on FOX on September 22. Lately she went through some difficulties that did not allow her to return to the world of show business, but she’s willing to overcome his fears and do your best to impress the audience. The daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, 70 years, and Sharon Osbourne, 66, told HollywoodLife about the upcoming event and admitted that this feature makes her wonder, especially after she overcame the addiction to alcohol and finally took a sober lifestyle.
“So it’s a real test for me, to return and to appear before the public updated,” said Kelly in an exclusive interview to the publication HollywoodLife. “At first I thought it was ready to go out, but then I told myself that I would try. So as of now I am in the best shape in recent years”

Келли Осборн боится премии Эмми
In addition to moral training, as Kelly should be as calm and confident under the spotlight of the cameras, she also carefully selects her outfit. “I’ve already chosen the very perfect dress, I know that I will feel comfortable and it will allow me to be happy, so I will be able to convey this to my audience”
Along with Kelly to take part in the show on the Emmy awards will be Jenny McCarthy and Shannon Sharpe.

The British beauty admitted that in addition to participating in the red carpet she has other projects that she’s passionate about. One of them is preparing for the filming of the documentary. “I’m also working on a script for a documentary associated with the use of opioidov” — announced the press Kelly. However, details of the documentary do not apply as it includes fragments and some aspects of his personal life Kelly.

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