У Джанет Джексон юбилей и новая песня

У Джанет Джексон юбилей и новая песня

Three decades after Janet Jackson blew up the music world, releasing the legendary album “Rhythm Nation 1814” close to the singer say that she has to approach a new song!

The success of Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation 1814 should not be underestimated. Album 1989, topped the charts and confirmed Janet Jackson as a pop culture icon. For this landmark album, Janet has reunited with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the producers, which helped her to create her third album, revolutionary Control. The results were historic, because Rhythm Nation is the only album that has seven commercial singles in the top five of the Billboard Hot 100. Thirty years after Rhythm Nation, Jimmy Jam on one of the interviews at the 15th annual show “City of Hope”, shared that Janet has a new song. As he told the details of how to create a legendary album Jackson.

У Джанет Джексон юбилей и новая песня
“We started making the album about 35 years ago or so, when Janet heard the song “What Have You Done For Me Lately”, she immediately included it in my album.”
What about new songs Janet Jackson? Jimmy Jam says “our song with her, at least part of it, is over. We are going to add a few things in this song that would have turned out a masterpiece.”
Also jamm told that they are in last time very often in correspondence to Janet, and on weekends going out to dinner to celebrate the 30-anniversary album in San Francisco.

This upcoming song which will be released on the album Jam & Lewis will become the first new song Janet after the song “Made For Now” in 2018, in collaboration with Daddy Yankee. The last Studio album Janet called Unbreakable in partnership with Jam and Lewis was released in 2015. Although this album never achieved the same level of success that you and Rhythm Nation, it is still topping the Billboard charts in the United States. Since the release of Unbreakable Janet was busy. She gave birth to a son, Assu al Mana, who was already 2 years, was inducted into the Hall of fame rock-n-roll and held the concert “Metamorphosis” in Las Vegas.

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