Что чувствует Мила Кунис из-за скандалов вокруг ее супруга

A memoir demi Moore, which was published this week, have done a lot of noise in networks. Most of all gets the ex-husband of demi Moore Ashton Kutcher. Fans have already remembered all the infidelity of the actor. The current wife of Ashton Mila kunis could not long remain silent on this topic.

Что чувствует Мила Кунис из-за скандалов вокруг ее супруга

He Ashton Kutcher have reacted calmly to the stories about his former relationships, write a short post on his Twitter, but Mila kunis already shows that the hype she was getting bored. The actress of Ukrainian origin dyed her hair white and started to comment on what is happening.

Before the crowd favourite Ashton Kutcher made everyone melt when it came to touching stories about his family idyll. Now the young actor is unlikely to call for a show where you need to talk about children and their upbringing. Demi Moore has told how ex-husband forced her to have a Threesome and constantly changed. After such statements Ashton just brought a wave of negative comments.

According to relatives of Mila kunis was furious from the fact that demi Moore was rendered to the public the dirty linen of their wardrobe. She’s upset that many years later, after a divorce, the actress says that it was. Because Ashton not very long ago a young boy who could afford a variety of pranks, he has changed a lot and became a man and, most importantly, serious father. People perceive information in real time, and they have the impression about Ashton at this time.

Mila is extremely dissatisfied that the name of her husband deliberately trampled into the dirt.

Actress Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher are officially married in 2015. They raise two children: daughter Isabel (age 4) and son Dmitry (2 years).

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