Селена Гомес рассказала о самом страшном периоде в ее жизни

All the year 2018, the fans of the famous singer Selena Gomez is worried about her condition. And no wonder, for their young age, the girl experienced a lot of shocks: illness of lupus, separation from a loved one (Justin Bieber), anxiety attacks. All this led to the fact that the singer was forced to abandon social networking and career, and to seek help from professionals.

Селена Гомес рассказала о самом страшном периоде в ее жизни

Now Selena Gomez is feeling much better, so she was able to talk with reporters and give his first interview after treatment. It happened at the annual award McLean Award. The singer was presented the award because she was not afraid to tell the public about his mental disorder, that has made people more aware of the subject.

The singer boldly declared that telling the truth should always be. Last year it was the most difficult period of her life. She couldn’t smile, keep yourself in good condition. All the pain and negative emotions hit her together, and this has led to serious consequences.

In the fall of 2018, Selena Gomez admitted to herself, more to cope with her psychological state she is not alone, that is why asked for help in a specialized clinic. Her doctors immediately diagnosed psychological disorders. At that moment, the singer saw it and realized my problem and decided to begin to fight it to the end. So she completely abandoned social events, no longer keep their pages in networks.

“I learned why many years suffered from anxiety and depression. Now, after a year of working on myself, I feel much better and happier. Control of your thoughts and emotions more than ever before. To share their experiences of dealing with depression and anxiety is not easy, but right. I had a fear that I will not understand and condemn. I was given a lot of what can make life wonderful, but sometimes I struggle with heavy thoughts and feelings. This does not become weaker. All people sometimes need help. And we need each other” — this speech was said by a very young singer.

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