Kelly Osbourne has settled a legal dispute with his mistress’s father

Келли Осборн урегулировала судебный спор с любовницей отца

Kelly Osbourne and Michelle Pugh, mistress Ozzy Osbourne, which almost destroyed his 35-year marriage to Sharon, and settled litigation.
We will remind that the girl was so shocked by the arrogance with which stylist, and the friend’s mother climbed into bed e her father has published on his page on Twitter the phone number of Michelle, insulting her and saying all types of sexual services that may have a mistress.

Келли Осборн урегулировала судебный спор с любовницей отца
Sharon forgave Ozzy, he began treatment for love, and Michelle decided to take it out on Kelly, publicly humiliated her, and gave the girl to the court. In its lawsuit, Pugh said that the charges miss Osbourne hurt her and damage her career. Long or short, but about the lawsuit forgotten. As it became known, Kelly and Michelle have settled the conflict, but how, no, the second is not misleading.
And then connect the proponents of conspiracy theories suspect the Osbournes in a planned action with cheating just shortly before the new tour Ozzy and release of a new book Kelly “No F—king Secret” which will be released early next year.

“No, I insist that it is not planned and has nothing to do with the promotion of the new book, Kelly. She wrote a book three years ago, long before all this happened,” said the insider.
In its lawsuit, Pugh said that Ozzy was the initiator of their relationship and sought her favour several years, saying that relations with Sharon had – Arctic cold, and the only thing that keeps them together is a financial commitment.
Sharon also glad to have my husband back into the family, and that he made the decision to heal from sexual addiction.
“He is treated from the love for three months, and will continue treatment after completion of the tour. He works on himself, and he has a hard time. All of us have a hard time, because this story touched each of us, but I’m happy that he made the right decision to deal with their demons,” said Sharon in a recent interview.