Pitt will be allowed to communicate with children only when the psychologist

Питту разрешат общаться с детьми только при психологе

Angelina Jolie believes that the ex-husband could have adverse effects on children’s health, and called on the help of specialists.

Divorce most couples of Hollywood became clear on 19 September, and since then the passion continues. Jolie has already hired an army of lawyers, and now they added another, and psychologists and psychiatrists.

The other day the wife came to the preliminary agreement, their six children remain under the care of mother and live with her. Pitt had not seen them since the announcement about the divorce and talking to the offspring only through the managers, assistants and nannies. And, as it turned out, to be alone with brad will not be soon. Angelina hired doctors, who will monitor the mental state of the children after the visits of the Pope and each time to carry out conversations with them.

“Why such harsh measures?” wonder pitt fans. As suggested by the tabloids, the fact is the scandal between brad and Angelina adopted son Maddox, which occurred on a private jet and exaggerated in the press.

On the one hand, there are witnesses who claim that pitt was acting extremely aggressive and really raised a hand on the guy on the other people who have denied this fact.

Anyway, friends of the actor believe that the history does not cease because angelina is beneficial to expose ex-wife of a tyrant in the eyes of the public. That’s what all the psychologists and texts on drugs (Jolie is constantly hinting that her husband with hot drinks a real problem). By the way, pitt voluntarily went to the examination and all the tests have passed, but he will undergo some more tests.

One of the friends of the actor shared with foreign journalists the news about his condition. If you believe the insider, pitt is in pretty bad shape, discouraged, and the only thing that helps him not to give up, are children. The actor is ready to accept any conditions, Jolie, if she’d only let him see them.