Adopted children were turned against Nicole Kidman

Приёмных детей настраивали против Николь Кидман

Relationship with her mother Bella and Connor cruise, the adopted children of Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman, has long been difficult. Now the actress, though, and does not communicate them close, but time has put everything in its place. After the divorce Bella and Connor left to live with his father and almost stopped communicating with his mother. It is no secret that a huge impact on them was the Church of Scientology, an ardent disciple of which Tom stayed still.

Journalist Steve Cannan, who was researching the sect and wrote a book “Fair game: the Incredible untold story of Scientology”, says that one John Brousseau, who held a high post in the Church and was friendly with Tom, set up children Nicole against her and were forced in an interview to smear her ostensibly for the good of their faith.
Nicole, and later second wife cruise Katie Holmes, was not a member of the Church of Scientology, and the passion of her husband were treated with annoyance, but because in the Church both women felt threatened by, “suppressive person”, a “hidden enemy” that Scientologists placed in the term PTS(Potentially dangerous sources).
“They invent dozens of reasons to discredit Nicole. Once Bella and Connor called her “damn PTS” and declared whether they will, they wouldn’t have seen her, I thought back then I treated these children, once they speak about their own mother,” said the journalist.
Recall that Bella married max Parker last year. Tom and Nicole were not present at the ceremony, wisely deciding not to draw excess attention to itself, and not to distract the guests ‘ attention to yourself. Neither he nor she were not eager to see each other, even after all these years still can’t even bearable to communicate. Cruz paid for his daughter’s wedding, and Nicole, if you believe the insiders, helped her plan it. Husband of Bella Kidman first met a few months ago, when Bella finally decided to introduce them. Witnesses of this meeting report that it was very touching with hugs and tears of joy. With age, bell became less started going to Church, and it gives her a chance at a normal conversation with Nicole.