Кэти Перри наелась наггетсами на японском шоу

After reuniting with her boyfriend actor Orlando bloom, singer Katy Perry feels great. At one of their concerts in Japan, she admitted that she feels very loved, and is generous with his love to others — it turns out that not only to people. On Thursday morning, the 33-year-old actress visited the Japanese show Sukkiri, where we ate chicken nuggets that just loves.

Кэти Перри наелась наггетсами на японском шоу

The star introduced the chicken nuggets different flavors — including cheese and spicy — themed cardboard boxes. The journalists of US Weekly even managed to find out where got this delicacy. The nuggets were purchased at a chain of Lawson stores.

The singer jokingly stuffing my face with delicacy, in the intervals trying to say: “I just love them”. However, the size of the mouth of the singer is not infinite, and she had to spit out everything that she could to put.

In Japan, the singer is in the Witness part of their tour World Tour through Asia. During a concert in Tokyo, Perry told the fans that now is not lonely and feels loved. Before the beginning of the song, Katy said: “I feel very loved, and this song is about love the kind you haven’t felt.”

On the same day in Tokyo was seen and beloved Katie — Orlando bloom.

Кэти Перри наелась наггетсами на японском шоу
Early couple vacationing in Prague with his dog mighty — new images were the first unofficial confirmation of their reunion and while exclusive available only at the Daily Mail. It is known that the journey to the Czech Republic Kate made alone, as Orlando lives there for several months. He starred in the TV series Carnival Row-along with Cara Delevingne.

Bloom and Perry broke up in March last year, but apparently decided to give their relationship a second chance. As reported in the media a month ago, the couple went on a joint vacation to the Maldives, and now the insider newspaper the Sun reported that Katie and Orlando are back together.

“They were reunited. And Cathy is reluctant to this time they all turned out. She tried to forget him, but could not. It means a lot. But this time they do not advertise their relationship,” says an insider.

In a new interview with us Glamour 33-year-old Katie admitted that in her life right now the priorities changed: she plans to become a mother.

“I want to grow emotionally. I don’t want to concentrate more on his childhood traumas. I want to be an adult. Preparing for the possibility that in the near future to create my own family. But before that I need to cure my soul, not to carry the family feelings that hinder my development,” said Katie.

Even after the separation of the pair, the stars have remained friends and even continued to put “hearts” in social networks on each other’s photos.