Мегин Келли поддержала Сторми Дэниелс и рассказала об угрозах со стороны Трампа

Recently released interviews with porn actress Stormy Daniels, who told about the sexual relationship with the President of the United States Donald trump and threats from his team. Stormy was supported by the famous American journalist Megyn Kelly. In his book, Settle for More, excerpts from which Begin shared on Twitter, she remembered the threat from the lawyer is Donald trump that Michael Cohen had sent her in the social network.

Мегин Келли поддержала Сторми Дэниелс и рассказала об угрозах со стороны Трампа

“Gut it,” he wrote.

Prohibitions apply not only to the current marriage to Melania, but also the past with Ivana. the journalist also said that a former reporter for the Daily Beast Tim Mack was forbidden to write about the divorce of Donald trump with his first wife. “I’ll take care of that we will one day meet in the courthouse. And after you I will take care of your colleagues. So I warn you: be very careful, because otherwise I’ll make you something awful,” she’d say, according to Kelly, Cohen Mac.

The threats to Begin also accused former team member of Donald trump’s Corey Lewandowski, saying that he had forbidden her to appear at the debate on Fox News. “Lewandowski called the Executive Director of the channel bill away team so that he would not allow me to debate. When the away team was told that this can not be and speeches, Lewandowski threatened me and said that I would do that I would have a hard time if I get back there,” she said.

As later stated by the journalist in his show “Today with Kelly Megin”, revealing the threats from the team of Donald trump, she wanted to support Stormy Daniels. “That’s what you should know about these people,” she concluded.
Recall that the host of CBS’s Anderson Cooper interviewed the 39-year-old actress of films for adults, which were previously linked to the scandal. In a recent interview Daniels said that after the current President of unidentified people threatened her, trying to silence.
To associate themselves with the movement #MeToo actress was not, after all, does not consider its relationship with Donald rape. She voluntarily agreed to go to bed with trump. Stormy said he first met the President at the 2006 Golf tournament. A few months before that Donald and Melania was born a son, Barron. The relationship of the actress and the businessman has occurred under the pretext of his participation in the reality show “the Apprentice.” The man invited Stormy to his hotel room to make an offer.

A year later, the proposal remain valid and trump invited the actress to discuss the details — the bungalows of the Beverly Hills hotel. However, the second time the actress has refused sexual relationship with Donald, which after a time she called and said that on the show she was not accepted.

To remain silent about their relationship trump didn’t ask, so in 2011, Stormy decided to talk about communication in an interview with InTouch for 15 thousand dollars. However, the fee to her was not fate, because the publication asked for comments to the Trump. To communicate directly with the businessman failed, and his lawyer has threatened them with litigation, because of what an interview is not released.