Victoria Beaune ashamed of his compatriots

Викторие Боне стыдно за соотечественников

In Victoria Bonia was targeted barrage of accusations and negativity from followers and readers of her instagram. At that time, as the whole country mourns for the dead because of the tragedy in Kemerovo, the star exhibits photos of the streets of Paris and colors. Victoria retorted Hayter on the page and in an interview with “Sobesednik” admitted that she is ashamed of his compatriots.

Викторие Боне стыдно за соотечественников

“My friend from England says that never in my life and never heard so much filth from other people to yourself, how many from the Russian. How ashamed I was when she described our (the most beautiful on the planet) women. It seems to me that these are not people possessed by demons. I would be in a nightmare could not such find words about anyone. Not so much about the person that I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Bonia.

“That’s how we “grieve” the people accusing you that your daughter is not burned in the fire. So we have a country to “support” people in misery. Understand that those who write these poisonous comments, YOU ARE the FACE of OUR COUNTRY! This is embarrassing and shame on your mothers and fathers who brought this to the nation! Of course, a lot of support from adequate and well-educated people… It’s not for everyone… But I can say for sure, I’m very happy that my daughter will not grow in your society, where hatred prevails even in a situation where you would have to send their forces and do something useful… sorry to see your handicap and hellish anger surpasses the worst people of our time! Fear yourself, for worse in your life have nothing and can not be, HELL within you! And Yes, I’m sorry that my daughter now sleeps in the crib and not burning alive with fire. The devils!” — said the presenter to his followers, who accused her.

Викторие Боне стыдно за соотечественников
At that time, as Bonia struggling with the attacks of the subscribers Natalia Vodianova on the page in instagram offers a plan of action and urged to declare national mourning in connection with tragedy which occurred on March 25.

The model and mother of many children thinks that you should start with the most banal — to make the real list of victims, missing and injured during the incident. “I can’t see how pushed, trampled, swept out under the carpet of someone’s interests is the main value, the absolute humanity — the unit of life. First, as in Krymsk, I believe that help should begin with the list of missing, dead and injured. Real, full, not muhling list.” writes Vodianova in his instagram, referring to network users.

The second drastic action Natalia called national mourning. “Secondly, although I have no special formal rights, but I demand and want each of you reading this, joined in and demanded rigidly and uncompromisingly from the country from each other and from our government to declare national mourning! Something is wrong with us, if death more than 60 people (the figure is probably underestimated), many of them children, and does not signal about a national tragedy,” — writes the model, calling on all to sign the petition at