Katie Holmes surprised Matthew Perry has an amazing story about the show “Friends”

Кети Холмс удивила Мэттью Перри невероятной историей о сериале «Друзья»

At the time, star of TV series “Friends” in popularity surpassed many Hollywood celebrities. With the main six friends wanted to take pictures and to talk to millions of fans around the world, and even their colleagues were no exception. What feelings about the sitcom experienced Katie Holmes, she told me the other day at the premiere multi-part Saga of “the Kennedys: after Camelot,” where she plays the role of Jacqueline Kennedy. Partner Katie on the show is Matthew Perry – one of the “Friends”.

“I was a crazy fan of “Friends”. And that’s when I came to Los Angeles, and held various auditions and castings, I decided in my free time with friends to go on a tour of Warner Brothers Studio, and the beginning of Katie. Are you serious? — distrust asked Matthew. — Yeah, I really wanted to get to the site, continued Katie. And we brought in your set, I have long and anxiously looked around in the hope that some of you will. But we never saw. Yeah… — Horrific memory. If only I knew you came, I’d run out to you as soon as possible”, — jokingly said Matthew.

The journalists decided to develop the theme of “Friends”, even though they attended the premiere of another story, asked Perry, whose appearance in the series he was the most memorable. Actor like him and has responded with humor: “I Think Bruce Willis. We were friends, so the shooting was very fun. He starred in only two episodes and got an Emmy, I appeared in 137 episodes of what? No Emmy in sight. This is my story. Don’t want to seem jealous and harsh, but actually I am.”