Anna Shulgina told about the seizures because of his father

Анна Шульгина рассказала о припадках из-за отца

The daughter of singer Valeria and her first husband Alexander Shulgin, Anna became the guests of the program Yulia Menshovoj “Alone with all”, and during the interview told a leading about the difficult relationship with his father. Famous actress Valeria owes his career took off it is the husband who in the 90s was its producer. But a shattered nervous system, and their children, she also owes him.

With mother and stepfather, Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin

Anna recalls with horror the time when her parents divorced. Valeria has repeatedly said that the scandals and beatings was to Shulgin common, but the decision to break up with the father of her three children was not easy.
“The house was dominated by sad and nervous atmosphere. I am wildly afraid. Once, when he was divorce, he called to wish me a happy birthday. I was eight or nine years. I remember that we had a birthday dinner, and then call. Mom says: “Come, I want to congratulate you”. Pick up the phone and hear this voice, and then I have a seizure. It was some kind of epilepsy… remember how you threw up. Then I fought in convulsions in bed. What happened to me, I do not understand” — says Anna.
Such a seizure similar to epilepsy, Shulgina were several. They happened when she heard the voice of the Pope or even when saw a man like him.
Now her father sees Anna as a stranger, and the native believes his stepfather Joseph Prigogine, whom her mother married shortly after the divorce with Shulgin. Sometimes Anna and Alexander meet at social events, but do not communicate. As she admitted, they were “bystanders”.
“He’s not interested in my life, never asks how I am. Maybe just to look at me, turn around and leave. For the first time after the divorce I saw him and my heart sank. I was expecting something, I don’t know why, but nothing happened. Then I just jump to conclusions and let this situation” — said Anna.