Эмма Уотсон прокомментировала возможность съемок сиквела «поттерианы»

Fans of the movies “Harry Potter” can’t just accept the fact that this story was brought to an end. Hopes for the continuation of the franchise will not disappear. Even the actors, who performed in films starring, say that the possibility of their return in “Harry Potter”. Previously such a review was given by Daniel Radcliffe. The role of the boy wizard was positive that if he suddenly offered to star in the sequel.

Now my opinion of Emma Watson.

In an interview with EW Radio on Sirius XM on the issue of filming “Harry Potter and the Cursed child” Emma Watson answered directly: “Now just nothing planned. I wouldn’t have something to hope”. Then, however, Emma decided, apparently, to soften your categorical reply and jokingly added: “Ask me again in ten years”.

Note that in the next few years, the sequel “Harry Potter” will not shoot anybody, as the author of all the novels in this series, Rowling is busy with the script development for new parts of the franchise “Fantastic beasts and where they live”, which is designed for 5 films and will end in 2024.

Well, let’s see how events will develop further. Would you like the return of Harry Potter?