Katherine Spitz spoke about the Alliance with Tigran Keosayan

Катерина Шпица рассказала о союзе с Тиграном Кеосаяном
The actress became the heroine of the new series of the TV channel NTV.

Катерина Шпица рассказала о союзе с Тиграном Кеосаяном

Katherine Spitz

Photo: press-service of NTV

In Istra situated near Moscow have passed
final days of filming the new series of NTV “Actress” with Katherine
Spicy and Vladimir Kapustin in the lead roles. The author of the script was
Margarita Simonyan, and as a Director of the project was made by Tigran Keosayan
(“Of the sea. Mountains. Keramzit”, “silvery Lily of the valley”). Shooting has also attracted
known operator Igor Klebanov (“Driver for Vera”, “Petrovka, 38”).

The plot of the psychological Thriller
provincial investigator named Anatoly (Vladimir Kapustin) is the case of
the murder of a famous actress. On the fateful coincidence, this woman, Evgenia Luzhina
(Katherine Spitz), was once his wife. However, after several years of marriage,
went to Moscow, leaving her husband and young son Artem. The main character should not
only to find the killer, but to prove his innocence. Who killed Moscow
a celebrity? Why she came back to his hometown? And why are the
the players in someone else’s sinister game?

“I was happy to work with Tigran Keosayan, we have been going
to do a joint project, and the series “Actress” became a success for both of us. I
always assess the potential of the project exactly according to the script, but after seeing this I don’t
hesitate to agree. The genre of the project is very unusual, I must say that I am in
than before is not removed”, — said the singer Caterina

Tigran Keosayan at the shooting

Photo: press-service of NTV