Serena Williams is afraid that will not be a good mother

Серена Уильямс боится, что не станет хорошей матерью
A pregnant tennis star admitted that he feared childbirth.

Serena Williams


Serena Williams in her eighth month of pregnancy are still doubts whether being a good mother. Tennis star never felt, as she put it, “the calling to have kids.” “I always used to think about themselves, care only about yourself — about your health, your body, your body, your career”. So every day she asks her fiancé Alex Ohanian, will she be able to show their maternal instinct and if she can learn to be a real mother of their future child?

Of course, Alex convinces the bride that she will succeed. She hoped that he certainly would make a great father. Serena and Alex still has not divulged the sex of the baby, saying that they do not know is that both decided. Serena, however, I’m sure it’s a girl. She says she found out about her pregnancy the day when I won one of the tennis matches on the court. The game was difficult, there was 40 degree heat, but everything went fine. And she thinks that only a girl could withstand such a test.

Even Serena again admitted that he is afraid of childbirth. She had to endure many surgeries, and she was terribly afraid of pain and wants to avoid it as much as possible. So plans to give birth under the influence of anesthesia, although everyone knows about the likely negative consequences of such a decision. In the star’s house in Florida all ready for a baby or toddler. Serena loves the French culture (she has an apartment in Paris), and children in the style of medieval France. The nanny she is going to take with the knowledge of the French language to the child from infancy talked French. Even Serena takes French language courses.

The wedding of Serena and her fiancé are planning to play in Las Vegas or somewhere in the Islands. They met in the spring of 2015 in Rome, where the accomplished athlete participated in a tennis tournament, and Alex held a conference in the same hotel, where Serena lived. In December the engagement took place.