Star Comedy Woman Natalia Andreevna publicly quarreled with the operator

Звезда Comedy Woman Наталья Андреевна публично поругалась с оператором
TNT is preparing for vyhodnu new show Love is.

Natalia Eprikyan

Photo: TNT

Throughout the filming process of the film-based Love
Is, which will premiere on TNT on August 25, the heroine Natalia, Aprikian without
stop arguing with the statement that the plot was her ex-boyfriend.

Love is five different stories about five completely
dissimilar to other women. The only thing that unites them — sincere
the desire for happiness, love and tenderness. In each edition of the show leading to
ironic form gives advices to women, for example sketches showing how not
to behave with men. And along the way she tries to solve problems with
my ex. An argument between Natalya, Arikan and kamermans was so
realistic that many people think seriously about a possible relationship of a couple in
the past.

Natalia Eprikyan hastened to stop any guesses and
admitted that the image of the operator-the former is pure fiction.

“When we realized that I would be leading, the question arose: “How to beat
the plot?” says Arikan. — Decided that I would get ridiculous if the role of the adviser will perform man
which is not going smoothly in his personal life. We began sketching ideas, and
thus was born the image of the operator of the former. Thanks to him, a direct
dialogue with the audience through the camera — a very successful method used in many

New show filmed in the best traditions of Hollywood and Bollywood, and
relationship in addition to Natalia Prikarpattia to establish and find out Ekaterina Varnava, Marina Fedunkiv, Tatyana Morozova, Maria Kravchenko, Sergey Lazarev and
other stars.

The premiere of the sketch show Love is gonna be on TNT on August 25 in