Катерина Шпица показала «беременное» фото
The actress has intrigued fans.

Photo: Instagram

The last couple of years Katherine Spitz as many times suspected pregnancy, she is desperate to prove that “not a camel”. So, in a new provocative photo of the actress in the water is also very many fans saw the hint of a “pregnant” tummy.

“How can you not see in the water leg?!” — surprised Katerina.

Really, if you look closely, under the green water is really visible to gracefully bent leg. And the fact that people took over the big “pregnant” belly — not that other, as her thigh!

As it turned out, this photo was taken specifically for the project titled “Water”. The project’s Creator, photographer Diana Avkhadieva, joined in a personal blog Spitz. “It is the birth in the green paint!” she wrote in the comments. “Well, finally someone figured out our secret plan!” — joked Catherine.

Seriously, at the moment Catherine is not expecting a child. She is not married and has not yet told me that in her life there were some selesnya relationship. Spitz was once married to actor Konstantin Agaevym. In 2012 she bore him a son, whom he named Herman. Soon the couple divorced, and Catherine began an affair with renowned producer Marius Weisberg. They parted, and Marius is married to actress Natalia Bardot.