Дрю Бэрримор заподозрили в беременности
Fans congratulate the actress with the upcoming replenishment in the family.

Drew Barrymore


As told
Drew Barrymore, fans congratulate her on the pregnancy. Recently, when she
out of the restaurant, one of her fans approached the actress and said: it is certain,
what drew is waiting for a third child? and very happy for her. The reaction of the actress was surprised
woman. He assured her that she was not pregnant! “No! I’m just
fat!” — said 43-year-old drew.

the actress just allowed myself to relax and visibly
recovered after the completion of another fantastic season of the series
“Diet Of Santa CLARITA”. The fact that this show drew plays a certain lady,
that is, the result is incredible scene, turns into a zombie and can
eat only meat, and preferably human. And, as judged
Barrymore, her character, which sits entirely on the “protein” diet, just
not entitled to the extra pounds.

Therefore, the actress
took myself in hand and lost as much as 15 pounds, than she was very proud of. True
she did this not by using the “protein diet”, but just exactly
in the opposite way. As told to drew, while working on the series, she
became a “vegan”, that is completely eliminated from your diet all products
of animal origin.

“First to eat
so it was great, I had a lot of energy. But by the end of filming, I
homesick, I began to feel that I’ll never have a “normal”
food. I love to eat… And as soon as the work was finished, and I “seized!
The first time it seemed to me that I can have the whole day without stopping to eat the “pasta” with my
favorite sauce with chicken Breasts. So
between seasons I have become much rounder. But, you can be sure as soon as
work will start, I quickly “lose” it. Incidentally, I heard on
the same principle lives and works of Denzel Washington, whom I am extremely
respect. Between filming, he enjoys life. But when the time is approaching
when he needs to go to the set, he takes action and leads
yourself in perfect shape!” — said the actress.