Катерина Осадчая дала откровенное интервью про первый брак

Today, September 12, celebrates his birthday a popular Ukrainian TV presenter Kateryna Osadcha. In her instagram account she shared pics of how she started her morning with the family, and said that the celebration this year was doing her new husband – Yuriy Gorbunov.


Катерина Осадчая дала откровенное интервью про первый брак

Katerina does not like to disseminate information about his personal life, even about the marriage with Yuri, she told me already being married. But today, in honor of her birthday, gave a short candid interview about his first marriage. Oleg Polishchuk they lived together for only three years, and, according to the leader, the main reason for the breakup was a big age difference.

First wedding Catherine was gorgeous: a beautiful restaurant, a large number of invited guests to that beautiful white dress and, of course, a veil. Understanding in the pair was not initially, interests are quite different and, in addition, the presenter at that time had already begun to build a career.

“I can’t say that the reason for the divorce was my job. I think one of the factors was that at some point we are unable to find understanding. Someone had to give someone to prove themselves a wise man…” — admitted the leader.

Katherine doesn’t blame anything her first husband, but on the contrary, aware of the mistakes that were made. What are really grateful to Oleg Polishchuk, so it’s a son who this year has already turned 13.

After the divorce, leadership was very supportive of her family, and therefore strong emotions was not even a sense of relief came. “The last time we had such a strained relationship that marriage has become a burden for both of us” — does not hide Katherine.

Now the presenter is in a harmonious relationship with current husband, raising her 2-year-old son of Ivan and continues to delight the audience with her sincere smile.

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