После отказа от сериала «Маппет-шоу» Disney начал работу над «Дартом Вейдером» и фильмом о крестной Золушки

Kinetochore “Disney”, which has recently started to “revive” their classic cartoons and fairy tales, full speed took over the filming of two more projects, while rejecting restart “the muppet show”. Soon the young audience will be able to see a TV show about Darth Vader and a feature film about the fairy godmother of Cinderella.

После отказа от сериала «Маппет-шоу» Disney начал работу над «Дартом Вейдером» и фильмом о крестной Золушки

It is known that the series is about Vader will come out on streamingboy platform Disney +. The creators plan to invite Hayden Christensen and James Earl Jones, who created the image of the original character from “Star wars.”

The action can unfold before the events of a New hope. By order of the Emperor Darth Vader will bring order in the galaxy. It is also planned that in the spin-off will feature flashback scenes from the past of the dark Lord when he was still Anakin Skywalker.

Other details of the series, the creators have not been disclosed.

После отказа от сериала «Маппет-шоу» Disney начал работу над «Дартом Вейдером» и фильмом о крестной Золушки

But lovers of fairy tales and disney princesses can rejoice, because the company plans to release another movie from the universe of princesses. At this time, the sight of the producers got character fairy godmother of Cinderella. Recall, soon the world will see a story about another fairy godmother (though Sleeping beauty) Maleficent. It is worth noting that the film is about her expected more gloomy.

A film about the godmother Cinderella is scheduled kind and inspired by fairytale motifs. It is already known that Director of the film will be Sharon Maguire, who is known for his work on several parts of the film “Bridget Jones’s Diary”.

The movies will be called “Godmothered” (“Godmother”) and will also be released on the platform of Disney, which will be launched on 12 November 2019. The film is scheduled for early next year.

What the story is fairy-tale films is still unknown.

In addition to news, the Disney Studio has recently upset fans with information about the refusal of the restart of the Comedy program “the muppet show”. It wanted to remove in a series.

According to the publication “The Hollywood Reporter”, the project worked for a long time comedian and actor Josh Gad, as well as the writers and producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. When the producers of the future have changed managers, between the creative team began to have differences and disputes. Therefore, it was decided to cancel the serial format of “the muppet show”.

However, Disney is still going to release the show in his usual format. It is planned to involve celebrities. The basis for the show will be the classic “muppet show” reimagined for modern television. The premiere show is scheduled for 2020.

I should add that a couple of years, the Corporation Disney has managed to “resurrect” “the jungle Book”, “Aladdin”, “beauty and the beast,” “Mary Poppins” and “the lion King”, which became the highest grossing animated film in history, beating the record of “frozen.”

But the company is not going to stop. The plans also shooting remakes the cartoon “Bambi”, “Cruella”, “Dumbo”, “Peter pan”, “Tinker bell,” “the little Mermaid” and “the sword in the stone”.

Also “Disney” will record several iconic family films. Under the scope of the Directors got the legendary Christmas Comedy “home Alone”, a parody which recently took Makkala Culkin, the movie “night at the Museum”, “cheaper by the dozen” and “diary of a weakling”.

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