Только вышедший роман Стивена Кинга экранизируют

This month the world saw the new book “King of horror” Stephen king called “the Institute”. Less than two weeks, as it became known that the novel filmed.

Stephen king – probably the most filmed writer in the horror genre. His career on television has brought more than eighty novels of the author, and almost all of them still torture the fans of horror.

The Studio “Spyglass Media Group” has announced that it has acquired the film rights to the just published novel of king’s “Institute”. That’s it! Planned not creating a feature film and mini-series.

It is already known that adaptation will take the creators of the series “Mr. Mercedes” — directed by Jack Bender and producer-writer David E. Kelly. Bender, by the way, was filming a series for another series by king’s “Under the dome” as well as for such hits as “the Sopranos,” “Game of thrones”, “lost” and “Beverly hills, 90210”. In the record of the Kelly with the recent high-profile TV series “Big little lies”.

The plot of the mini-series will be a boy named Luke, who was kidnapped by villains who killed his parents. They take the kid out of the house in a black SUV. When Luke wakes up, he finds out that he is in the institution called “Institute”. It provides children with superpowers as he does. The share of a boy falls to become a “Guinea pig” in the founders of an Institute for experiments, after which not all survive.

We will add, only the world saw more than seventy full-length film adaptations of works by Stephen king, among which the most famous are “It”, “the Green mile”, “pet Sematary”, “the Dark tower”, “Telecines”, “Mist”, “Carrie”, “the Storm of the Century”, “the Shawshank redemption”, “Area 51,” “the Shining”. This year also came the second part of the movie “It”.

Much less in explanation of the horrors of king’s filmed TV series little more than ten. Of them mini-series, only four: “the Mansion “rose Red”, “nightmares and fantastic visions”, “Bag of bones” and “11/22/63”.

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