Питерский художник порадовал москвичей яркими эмоциями
It all started with the fact that in 1997 the St. Petersburg artist Alexey Sergienko decided to paint a mural in the Moscow Avenue in honor of the anniversary of the capital.

Питерский художник порадовал москвичей яркими эмоциями

On the 850th anniversary of Moscow it is a day without a break painted 200 square meters of brick fabric. In this case it helped the artist Konstantin Polyakov. This performance has not been agreed with the authorities but even the police, seeing the big picture, not to distract the author and do comment. Later the wall was demolished.

Питерский художник порадовал москвичей яркими эмоциями

22 years later Sergienko decided to make a new gift to the city day, but in the capital itself. St. Petersburg Andy Warhol Museum opens the Emotions. Moscow residents will be able to visit him on 7 September. The main idea is revealed not in the art objects and in the emotions of the guests. The Museum is a maze with 7 rooms. Starting with the first room, you need to go to the end. Each zone is a specific emotion: anger, positive surprise, disgust, love, fear, inspiration. During the passage, experienced tour guides tell exactly where emotions come from, and how to manage them.

Питерский художник порадовал москвичей яркими эмоциями

According to Aleksey Sergienko, the Museum aims to raise not only your mood, but also emotional literacy. The author believes that revealing their emotional intelligence, people become happier. This is the main goal of the project.
“Art is meant to cause a diverse range of emotions. Can live emotional responses to place in the Museum? Of course. In this case, exhibits on time you can be yourself. A visit to this Museum will inevitably give impetus to the development of our emotional intelligence, and therefore to the formation of more accurate and independent view of the world. Emotional latitude is a necessary property of a man of the future for survival in a world that almost entirely controls the artificial intelligence” – said the head of the Department of contemporary art at the State Hermitage Museum Dmitry Ozerkov.
Museum of Emotions is not the only project of Alexey Sergienko. The artworks presented in the Kremlin, the Federation Council, the Russian Museum, exhibitions in Italy, France and the United States. One of the most recognizable works is the series of paintings “the President. A kind-hearted man” and Russian national team on football on the background of daisies.

The new Museum is located at the address: BTS ARMA, Nizhny Susalny lane., 5, p. 18.
Cost of adult ticket – 600 rubles, but for children, pupils, students and pensioners entrance will cost 300 rubles.
The tour allowed children from 3 years, but up to 12 entrance accompanied by an adult.
Buy tickets or gift certificates at the ticket office of the Museum.

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