Катя Жужа покидает «Дом-2» из-за мужчины The reality star leaves the post leading. As journalists, Kate Susan was going to concentrate on other things. According to brunette, she had a lover, which is highly serious.

29-year-old star of “House-2” Kate Susan leaves the project that made it popular. For several months, the brunette was one of the leading electroni. But now the plans of young women have changed. Kate is going to do other things.

As it became known to journalists on the decision of Zsuzsa influenced by the new novel. According to the young women, her choice is very serious. Beloved Katie insisted that she resigned from the post of leading TV shows.

“This work took me a lot of time for travel to the Seychelles. I have a daughter, there was a serious man. A week ago, he said, “that’s enough! The incident! Spend time with family, not at work.” Any woman will understand me – I chose love,” shared the brunette in an interview.

About who became the darling Katie of Zsuzsa yet. At one time she attributed fascination with the 23-year-old driver Artem Markelov. Young people were often seen together, which triggered rumors about their passionate affair. Kate later denied the speculation of the public. She said that her and Artem share only a friendship.

Earlier it was rumored that Susan returned to former beloved Oleg Miami, who was also a participant of the scandalous reality show “Dom-2”. The reason for the emergence of rumors of the photos posted in the press. Katya and Oleg were spotted together at the airport. Miami was accompanied by a star telestroke, who wanted to go on vacation in Dubai with her daughter. According to some, at the moment the singer is in a relationship with the blogger Nastia Ivlievu. Oleg dedicated to the blonde a passionate video for the song “If you’re with me.”

Oleg Miami burns with love for Nastia Ulevoi

As for Katie, she prefers not to disclose information about your man. According to Zsuzsa, for the time that she spent on the project “Dom-2”, telestroke has become a second home to her. “We must go further”, – quoted a brunette Super. During the conversation with journalists, Kate also added that work had taken her a lot of time, because the young woman always had to fly to Seychelles.

Some time ago, Susan had met with businessman Oleg Vinnik. The lovers then parted, then again reconciled. Information about the breakup with Katya entrepreneur confirmed in an interview. According to star tailstrike, she had a big fight with Oleg. As a result, he Packed up and moved out.