Скончался Владимир Шаинский The famous composer died at the age of 92 years. Close not yet give any comments about the cause of death of the author of numerous musical works. Recent years shainskiy held in the United States.
Скончался Владимир Шаинский

Vladimir Shainsky, the famous Soviet composer, died on 93-m to year of life. Presumably, the cause of death was cancer of the stomach. Laureate of the State prize of the USSR struggled with cancer for about six years. SHainskij went through several surgeries. The last years he spent in the United States, and before that the author of the music for “Cheburashka and crocodile Gena” lived in Israel and Russia. He even has dual citizenship.

As reported by son shainskogo Vyacheslav, recently Vladimir Yakovlevich underwent another serious operation associated with cancer.

“Yes, unfortunately, it is. First, age is 92. Second, the amendments were introduced by the operation, which was. She’s a little spoiled health”, – said Vyacheslav.

Relatives were supported by Vladimir Yakovlevich during his struggle with a serious illness. Wife Svetlana has always been close to the composer in difficult moments. She was on duty near his bed when Vladimir Yakovlevich was recovered after one of the operations. Shainsky barely knew English, so it was difficult to communicate with staff.

We will remind, Vladimir Shainsky is the author of a dozen tunes that were heard in movies and cartoons. His compositions can be heard in the film “Aniskin and Fantomas”, “Aniskin again”, “Breakfast on the grass”, “School waltz”, “Finist – bright Falcon”, “While beat hours” cartoons “Cheburashka”, “Shapoklyak”, “boat”, “Little Raccoon”, “Hello Welcome!” musical fairy tales “2 × 2 = 4”, “Square cardboard hours” and many others. According to experts, Shainsky precisely worked characters assumption from a musical point of view, so the song of Cheburashka, crocodile Gena and old women Shapoklyak have become timeless hits.

Songs by Vladimir Yakovlevich also performed by such stars of the Russian stage, as Lyudmila Gurchenko, Edward hill, Vladimir Vinokur and VIA “Flame”.

Date and place shainskogo of burial is not disclosed.

According to the materials of the channel “Culture” and “National news service”.

The stars of domestic show-business expressed condolences to the family of Vladimir Yakovlevich. Many celebrities have posted on their pages in social Networks fond memories of his favorite composer.

“Vladimir Shainsky. Unique melodist. Tchaikovsky children’s song. Somehow I remembered how in the hospitable home Tunica uncle Vova were successfully performed his signature trick: put a glass of vodka on the back of your hand, lightning-fast movement had upset her inside, and somehow an empty wine glass was in his fist! Special sadness this video gives what the participants of this cute Quartet – Valentina Tolkunova, Eduard Gil also left earth. Or rather, not left, but rather fell into it and become it… What a short life! Even as long as Vladimir Jakovlevich! Goodbye. Thanks for the song!”, – remember Igor Nikolaev on the mater.

“Gone from the life of legendary composer Vladimir shainskiy. God, how many beautiful songs he wrote! I grew up on these cartoons. My children also grow up on these songs and cartoons”, – said Mikhail Galustyan.

“In memory of… Vladimir Shainsky… the Author of all our good childhood songs and personally my favorite – about mammoth! Remember tripped in the song instead of mom, “daddy”, singing and weeping,” recalled Elena borscheva.

“Thank you for an era of good songs. You will be missed,” wrote Rodion Gazmanov.