Юрий Антонов не может смириться со смертью матери People’s artist of Russia came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man”. Yuri Antonov told the host Boris Korchevnikov so rarely speaks. The musician told how to cope with my mom dying and leaving the life of others close to him friends.
Юрий Антонов не может смириться со смертью матери

Yuri Mikhailovich Antonov performs on stage for over fifty years. Musician idolized by millions of fans not only in Russia but also abroad. Today, however, Antonov rarely gives concerts.

The artist doesn’t like to talk about his personal life, the musician refused to comment on the state of his health. However, Boris Korchevnikov people’s artist once again proved that he is losing his hearing.

“The last two years I do not speak, have suffered a serious blow. I had a violation of the vestibular apparatus, and I partially lost hearing, right ear. After that I almost stopped working”, – said the musician.

Yuri briefly told that it makes itself known and a recent shoulder injury.

“I fell when I was skiing, now a little sore. In this age POPs up that has not surfaced before this age. Before someone spared. Bob, what can I say, it’s all such a fate. It must be time to correct mistakes,” summed up the people’s artist.

Sincerely Antonov told the master: he still cannot come to terms with the death of her mother, the woman was gone ten years ago. The musician refused to go into detail about this loss. “I took a very hard loss. Now a lot of friends out, a lot. I don’t know what it is. The ball began to spin faster, our day flows instantly, month, year – all quickly. What’s going on, I can not understand why so fast” – after these words, Yuri Mikhailovich began to cry.

Юрий Антонов не может смириться со смертью матери

The composer also admitted that she loves animals, so it picks up stray dogs, cats and arranges them in his house. The singer even made a homemade cock who… guards the yard. “I have never had this opportunity – to contain Pets, now there. I think they feel good next to me,” – said the musician.