Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik could not stand the separation

Катя Жужа и Олег Винник не выдержали разлуки Together the pair spends the holidays. Kate Susan, who few days ago said that finally broke up with her, reunited with him. The joint images of leading “House-2” and her man look very happy.

      Fans of one of the leading reality show “Dom-2” Katie’s Zsuzsa has not had time to really understand the reasons for her new quarrel with her lover, Oleg Vinnik, as in a Network there was evidence that the couple has reunited.

      In Instagram one of her friends Katie the Zsuzsa published a joint photo teledive and her lover. Apparently, the picture was taken during a meeting of the New year. Selfie using the reflection in the mirror made Kate.

      It depicts two couples who had gathered to celebrate this warm and magical holiday in a pleasant company. Close with older children having fun. Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik look very happy standing next to, and hardly anyone might suspect them of people who have recently been close to rupture, or at least announced it.

      Saw this cute family picture, netizens were given to understand that you are in complete confusion, because a few days ago Kate Susan was given to understand that between her and Winnick’s over.

      “I want to say that today me and Oleg nothing to do! This man is not and never will be in my life! Never,” Kate shared in his microblog.

      Earlier, Susan and winnick were separated in October last year. “The issue with Kate is closed. We all have different orbits. I landed in St. Petersburg and ask you not to ask me questions about my personal life. All the world”, wrote the man. However, after some time it became known about the reunion of the pair. Then Katya and Oleg spent the weekend together in Saint-Petersburg.

      Not so long ago in the Internet appeared the second part of the documentary film on the terrible plane crash in Sinai, which claimed the lives winnik spouses and their common children. In the film directed by Pavel Moshkin, which was in early 2016, Oleg openly talked about what still has feelings for the dead beloved. “In my understanding, you get married once and for life. And now they are not, changing for someone else is not desirable. I loved her and still love”, – told in the frame of the man. Oleg Vinnik about the deceased in a plane crash his wife: “I love her still”

      The crash, which killed the family of Oleg winnick, occurred on 31 October 2015. Then the A321, on Board of which there were 224 people, exploded in the sky over the Sinai Peninsula.